本文摘要:Nasa might be famous for sending rockets up to space quickly. But it could be making your next holiday come more quickly, too.美国nasa也许由于飞快把火箭弹送至外太空而而出名,但它也是有很有可能给你下一个暑假所乘的飞机航班千米/钟头。

Nasa might be famous for sending rockets up to space quickly. But it could be making your next holiday come more quickly, too.美国nasa也许由于飞快把火箭弹送至外太空而而出名,但它也是有很有可能给你下一个暑假所乘的飞机航班千米/钟头。The space agency is working on a new plane, dubbed Concorde 2 by some people, that could solve the problems of super-sonic flight and vastly increase the speed of journeys abroad.该组织已经产品研发一种新式飞机,有些人称之为“协和式二号”,它或许能够解决困难超音速飞机的难题,大大提高国际航班的飞行速率。If successful, the plane would be able to fly between New York and London in just three hours. And it would halve the time spent flying other journeys, since it could be used more broadly.假如新式超音速飞机研制,那麼从纽约市到纽约的飞行中時间只务必3钟头。该飞机还还可以广泛运用于别的行程安排,将飞行中時间减为。

Until now, the problem with such planes has been the sonic boom, made famous by the original Concorde. That happens when a plane reaches supersonic speeds.迄今为止,超音速飞机一直不会有音爆难题,当飞机的速率高达音速时,就不容易再次出现音爆。初代协和式飞机居然大家普遍了解到这一点。

It is a thunderous noise that upsets people on the ground – disturbing livestock and even causing physical problems to materials and houses underneath. It was irritation with that effect that led Congress to ban such planes from being used over US land, a decision that in turn was partly responsible for Concorde failing to be commercially viable and getting mothballed.音爆是一种雷鸣般的噪声,它让路面上的人牲倍感呼吸不畅,乃至还不容易对物件和房子造成 物理学危害。更是这种不良影响造成的抵触导致美国众议院限令了超音速飞机在国外中国飞行中,这一规定进而一部分导致了协和式飞机没法以后商用,最终封航。The space agency has successfully tried out the technology in wind tunnels, and now believes that it could be put to commercial use. It now wants to test that out by having commercial companies build a version of the plane that could be put to use.美国nasa早就在风洞里成功检测了涉及到技术性并确信能够将其应用在商业服务飞行中,她们如今期待由商业服务企业生产制造一架能够交付使用的飞机以进行试飞。

That plane will fly as high as 55,000 feet – far higher than normal planes – and make a sound of only 60 decibels. Thats far less than the 90 decibels thrown out by Concorde, and is roughly in line with a car on the motorway or a busy restaurant.新式超音速飞机将在17000米的高处飞行中,飞行高宽比比一般飞机要低得多,其发出声响仅有60分贝,近超过协和式飞机的80分贝,与高速路上经行的轿车和热闹餐饮店里的声音大致十分。“Now youre getting down to that level where, as far as approval from the general public, it would probably be something thats acceptable,” said Peter Coen, project manager for NASAs commercial supersonic research team, in a new Bloomberg report.美国航空航天局商用超音速飞机科学研究精英团队的工程项目经理约翰?沃斯特在英国金融时报的新报道中觉得,“如今大家早就要成功了:要是群众完全同意,新式飞机就很有可能被大伙儿拒不接受”。If that allows the team to get approval, it hopes to have full-sized versions of the planes to try out by 2022.假如该精英团队能得到 群众抵制,那麼将来可能在2023年前对原形飞机进行检测。